Saturday, July 22, 2017


(Dunkirk isn't as good as Game of Thrones.)

Yesterday, I woke up at 9 a.m. and drank a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Then I read the paper while enjoying a bathroom break. A man from Shanghai named Yao was bitten by a neighborhood dog. He failed to visit the hospital in a timely fashion. Two months later, he died from rabies. The Chinese powers-that-be are currently killing all the stray dogs and cats in Yao's neighborhood. I'm in full agreement with the government. The disease is often fatal for infected humans. Better to snuff the threat out now before other innocent people die.

Miz Perfect and I drove to the national pension office. We left the children at home. I had to fill out a few papers and show the guy my bank account. My pension will be deposited in the account about a week after I leave the country. The whole process was pretty painless. Miz Perfect and I are thinking about buying a small apartment in Daejeon. We'll rent it out until we decide to return to the peninsula.

On the way home, Miz Perfect said, "Rets go to da movie. You rike Dunkirk. It about war."

I said, "OK."

It turned out that the kids didn't want to go. I let Ken the Atheist off the hook and gave him permission to spend the evening at the PC room.

Miz Perfect said, "He pray too much computa game."

I said, "He's almost old enough to join the army. Leave him alone."

However, I forced Rice-Boy Larry to come with us. The poor kid cried like a woman. However, he's only nine-years-old and is far too young to stay alone at the apartment.

The film was damn good. Chris Nolan directed it. He's the same guy who directed Batman with Heath Ledger. But here's the problem. Movies are now passé. All the exciting stuff is being done on television. For instance, you can't compare Dunkirk with Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. The latter are simply far better. Talented men like Nolan have to get with the times and realize that the small screen will give them lots of artistic freedom to produce their masterpieces.

We went to a restaurant for raw fish. I'm a big fan of sashimi. But it's overpriced here on the peninsula. A little bit of dead flounder costs a ton of money. I drank two bottles of soju with my meal. I became a quite drunk.

I turned to Larry. "Did you know that Dad's people stood up to the Nazis? My grandfather's ship was sunk by a German U-boat. He spent several hours swimming in the North Atlantic before being rescued."

He said, "Is that true?"

"Yes. He lived until he was eighty-five. He finally died of heart failure."

"What did Mom's family do during the war?"

"They supported the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese."

Miz Perfect gave me the stink-eye. "You such da idiot."

I should probably quit drinking.

We got home at 11 p.m. I said my prayers and went to bed. I slept like the dead.

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  1. here at the toronto sun, people are stirred up because of how mister romeo saganash lifted some text from other sources.

    so what.

    if plagiarism was really such a bad thing, computers wouldn't have the copy-and-paste key. plus, it's a lot more efficient to use material that's already out there when you're under pressure to meet a publication deadline.

    word of advice to mister sagladash: stand your ground, sir. no apologies. tell people it's an indigenous-people thing and to leave you alone about it and take their pompous globe-and-mail dialectic somewhere else, not canada. plagiarism is an opressive imperialist racists colonialist concept.

    here is the statement about it by the canadian prime minister which is conciliatory and thought provoking.