Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Another trip to Daejeon

(We went to Daejeon once again.)

Yesterday, I woke up at 11 a.m. and drank a cup of instant coffee. I'm still at The Queen Elephant's house and access to freshly brewed Joe is limited. Then I read the paper while enjoying a bathroom break. Two Chinese men decided that they wanted to barbecue sparrows for dinner. So they called a friend, and together they slaughtered more than fifty of the birds.

However, killing more than twenty wild animals at a time is illegal in China. The three men now face five years in prison for their crime. That seems harsh to me. The world has too many sparrows to begin with. Those filthy little creatures spread disease and destroy crops. Therefore, we desperately need men who are willing to eat them. Eating sparrows is a win-win situation for everybody.

We took a bus to Daejeon. Rice-Boy Larry wanted to go roller-skating. It was pissing rain outside. The first place we stopped was a Japanese restaurant for lunch. I had a huge bowl of soup. The meal was excellent. I washed the vittles down with a couple bottles of Kirin beer.

After that, we went shopping. I bought two pairs of dress shoes for my new job. I also purchased a pair of plastic Birkenstock sandals. They're actually quite comfortable. The Birkenstocks were on sale for twenty-nine dollars. Meanwhile, the dress shoes came to nearly 200 bucks.

I said, "That's too expensive. We should check Shanghai for bargains."

Miz Perfect said, "You da stoopid man. You not have da shoe. What you wear to work on Tuesday?"

I acquiesced.

After that, we made our way through the raindrops to a large department store. The elevator took us to the fourth floor. It turned out to be a skating rink.

Rice-Boy Larry skated for over two hours. At first, he was horrible. But he started to get the hang of things in about fifteen minutes. He went around and around and around in circles while listening to K-pop blaring over the loudspeakers. Good for him.

We met some old friends later in the evening. One of them asked if I had any parting words of wisdom.

I said, "God's a mystery. That's all I know."

We finally arrived home at 10:30 p.m. I prayed and went to bed. I slept like the dead.


  1. Glad you guys are getting yourselves all sorted before your big transition. I have a feeling that you'll be missing Korea before you know it. All that smog gets to you after a spell and sends your mind into a frenzy. The only people I know who've lasted there were/are working at high paying international schools, and even then, they say that they would leave if it weren't for the great money. Hope you're going to be pulling down some coin. Also, I've really been enjoying the new direction/style that you've been using lately. The old form was amusing, but it was getting kind of tired. None of my friends that I referred your blog to found it as amusing as I did, quite the contrary. I assume that you don't care one way or another, but in my opinion it's nice to have an audience to banter with. That hit tracker you've got going now is pretty neat. It's cool to see all of the different people who visit your blog. Keep it up man, and good luck with what is sure to be a big move for you and your family. I hope you've got Riceboy Larry all lined up to attend a nice international school where he can get a good education. Cheers!

    1. Hi Anonymous.

      My love for Korea has sadly crapped the bed, so I'm looking forward to a change in scenery. Will China be better? Probably not. But hope is a thing with feathers.


  2. killing birds is wrong and bad.
    the men should have been skewered and ridiculed in the public square.
    good thing I'm not Minister of Interior Affairs.

    here's KPOP Dance Dance with Wanna Voodoo-You Go Dance

    what direction you face when your prayers? how far bended knee(s)? one knees or the both?

    1. Hi Anonymous.

      Those grilled birds look delicious.