Friday, August 18, 2017

More soju

(I drank more soju last night.)

Yesterday, I woke up at 10 a.m. and drank a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Then I read the paper while enjoying a bathroom break. One of the biggest stories in China is Trump and the riot in Virginia. A young woman was killed when an angry Nazi ran her over with a car. 

Trump said that both sides--the alt-right and the loony left--were actively seeking violence on that tragic day. And now he's being crucified by the national media for his unwise choice of words. I must be a complete idiot, but I agree with the president. Those Antifa thugs look every bit as scary as the white supremacists. Both sides were beating the living crap out of each other. I'm just surprised that more people weren't killed in all the chaos.

And where were the cops? They were given orders to stand-down by the powers-that-be. Sometimes, the police need to keep control of a situation by kicking ass and taking names. They're the metaphorical sword which maintains law and order in society. Standing back and watching Rome burn simply isn't an option.

I spoke to Ken the Atheist using FaceTime. "Are you doing OK?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Do you have anything to tell me?"

"Not really."

"How's school?"

"School's OK."

"Do you have a favorite class?"


"I'll call you tomorrow."


Ken the Atheist is a great son, even though he's going to hell. I shouldn't make those kind of jokes. I'm sure he'll find God when he gets older. He's a good student, and he doesn't smoke or drink. Ken wants to be a registered nurse in the future. Good for him.

Miz Perfect drove to Daejeon with her mother. She had to cancel our phones. We broke the contracts early, so we were forced to pay over a thousand dollars in penalties and bills. The Queen Elephant gave us the money to cover the nut. It was her farewell present.

Rice-Boy Larry and I went to the internet cafe. He loves to play computer games. He can do it for hours and hours and hours. Meanwhile, I wrote my stupid blog and listened to more sermons by Pastor John MacArthur. I find his style of speech spellbinding. He's very macho.

Miz Perfect met us at the PC Room at 6:30 p.m. The Queen Elephant then took us to a restaurant in her snazzy Audi sports car. We had barbecue pork. The meal was delicious. I washed the vittles down with two bottles of soju. I became quite drunk. A good time was had by all.

I watched several episodes of Vikings with Rice-Boy Larry. Rollo defeats Ragnar once again, making him the hero of Paris. Vikings is one of my favorite shows of all-time. I absolutely love it.

I prayed to God and laid down in bed. I slept like the dead.   


  1. the prayer of Jabez says that enlarge my coast and put your hand on me and keep me evil so it doesn't bother me.
    it's in the chronicles
    wahirbita et gebuli wahayutah yadeka immi wuasita meraah lebilti asubi

    repeat twenty time as you face the internet. bend the knee(s) according to taste.
    really really works. also sprinkle water over shoulder, tap water is ok but better is the tears of the tv stars.

    when pastor john says it really fast he sounds like tongues but actually its just jabez

    blog is a form of international export and that is why taxes and export control. alot of people will use blogchain in the future so that the distributed ledger of blogging is monetize with reverse cryptographies

    safe travels

    1. Hi Anonymous.

      I have no idea what you're talking about, but thanks for stopping by.