Saturday, October 7, 2017

I went on a roller coaster

(Tron almost killed me.)

Yesterday, I took my family to Disney Land in Shanghai. I bought season passes for the three of us. It came to seven hundred dollars. We can now go to the park every day until January 25th. This might save me money in the long run. We can visit every Saturday and spend the rest of the week hunkered in our humble abode.

Rice-Boy Larry wanted to try a roller coaster called Tron. It's based on the failed movie starring Jeff Bridges. Actually, there are two movies by that name, and neither of them made any money. The line was huge. It took two hours before we eventually mounted the ride. And mounted is the correct word. You have to crouch down and put your knees on the foot-pegs. Tron just about killed my ass. My body doesn't bend like it used to. Thankfully, it was over in a couple of minutes.

After the fireworks, we walked to The Cheesecake Factory. I had the fried shrimp and French fries. Meanwhile, Miz Perfect and Rice-Boy Larry ordered a huge chicken salad. We also drank three glasses of draft beer and one cup of Fanta orange soda. The bill came to 80 dollars. China is cheap if you stick to Chinese stuff. But once you go foreign, the bills start to increase dramatically.

We took a taxi back to our humble abode. I wanted to check the rat-traps, but I didn't have the balls. I keep reading about rodents and the diseases they carry. I'll be honest. I don't like living with these furry germ factories. It's screwing with my head.

I said the Lord's Prayer on bended knees. After that, I went to bed. I didn't dream. I woke up at 9 a.m. and called Ken the Atheist using FaceTime. He's doing OK, except he caught a nasty cold. Ken is now connected to WeChat. Everything in China is done over WeChat. You can even pay your bills with the ap. It's their version of Facebook.

Today, we are going back to Disney Land. I shall take Rice-Boy Larry on The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It's nice and gentle. Miz Perfect can't handle the rough stuff.

Anyway, I've got nothing else to say. So long for now, and God bless everybody.


  1. Smith, Have your Wife do the pest control/disposal. Thats what I do. Just compliment her and give her her just due, and keep her in latex gloves and baggies and live happily in the sunshine of God's love.

  2. roller coasters are the best, because of all the vestibulars that they do with your ears.

    big applaudits to Joseph Kosinski, Jeffrey Silver, Steven Lisberger, Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Brian Klugman, and Lee Sternthal for the great story and great movie that more people should be supporting it with riding on trons.

    here is the trons with "furry germ factories"

    glory on the highest

  3. Finding myself suddenly in Seoul I thought I'd buy you one of your favorite Cass beers as a treat for your nice free blogs. But you're in Shanghai longtime. Guess I'm not the loyal reader I thought I was. All the best of luck in China! Do they have Cass there too, in case I end up there as well?



  4. Sorry you are not as prolific as you once were. Your slice-of-life stuff is still fun. someday I will find Cass beer and drink a toast to you and your blog.